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A Solution For:

Tube Errosion

To prevent blistering or popcorning on the inner surface of our 3/4" and 1" steam hose Goodall® formulated a premium, proprietary Chlorobutyl compound that's 15x less permiable than EPDM. Even after thousands of hours of stop-start use, the Super Inferno hose shows no signs of popcorning.

The Super Inferno hose is:

  • Made of an abrasion and ozone-resistant EPDM in a distinctive red and black spiral striping for high visiblity in all situations
  • The hose inside is pinpricked to significantly reduce the likelihood of cover blisters
  • Inside, multiple high tensile wire braids add plenty of integrity to handle a maximum pressure of 250 PSI at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 450°F